Property Price List

Price List for Property Owners




  • 12x high resolution photographs (additional photos are €25 each)
  • Photographs of the most prominent rooms
  • Preservation of any important window views (balancing interior & exterior lighting)


PREMIUM €429 – Includes all features from the “STANDARD” package plus

  • 10x additional photographs (total of 22)
  • Sky replacement for exterior shots if weather conditions are subpar
  • Slight adjustments to furniture and other items in order to achieve a visually appealing & balanced look
  • Photographs of the locality
  • Minor retouching if necessary


(available only with one of the above packages)


This exterior photograph reflects the changing natural light over several hours, encapsulation a myriad of colours and creating a fascinating and unique look which will certainly help your property stand out from the crowd. By availing of this feature, the indoor lighting of your property will also become visible as ambient light starts to dwindle, thus creating a welcoming atmosphere to the photograph. See below for sample.


A 2-3 minute video tour of your home which seamlessly compliments the photographs and places potential buyers right in the environment.

Whilst photographs are the perfect solution for print and static online presentation, video footage can help achieve a heightened sense of space and perspective, especially when combined with camera movements such as pans, tilts and slides. The video is accompanied by soothing background music and will help your viewers feel right at home. For samples please view my youtube channel.